How to hook up with Trans women in Dubai

Your safety is very important if you’re trying to hook up with a trans person in the tax haven that is this Middle Eastern country. Unfortunately, members of the LGBT community face some restrictions here. Despite the limitations, Dubai’s dating scene does not exclude trans women and people who want to date them by any means. Here’s how to get TS dates in Dubai.  

Hooking up Online

My Transgender Cupid, My Trans Date, My Ladyboy Date, and other international dating sites are perfectly accessible here. Avoid telling friends and acquaintances that you’re trying to pick up a trans date. Only people you trust completely should know and even then, it might be dangerous.

The best and safest way to meet someone is through a dating app. If you decide to meet them in public, you need to be very careful about how you behave. You don’t want to provoke suspicion from any bystanders. Chat anonymously on dating sites to stay extra safe. Don’t share personal details like your real name or your photos.  

There are good reviews of eHarmony and Badoo in Dubai. These are two of the most popular dating apps in the world. They are a go-to option for anyone looking to meet a significant other regardless of what their preferences are.  

Avoid the Nightlife

Avoidtryingto hook up with a trans person or any other person in a bar or a club. Sometimes, there are police officers in nightclubs and other entertainment venues. There really aren’t many hookup opportunities in these spots even though Dubai is the most tolerant Middle Eastern emirate and city. The odds of hooking up with a trans woman you might meet in a club aren’t good. Just don’t go the LGBT-friendly club route even if a local assures you these spots are perfectly safe. Your efforts aren’t worth the risk.

Keep it on the Low

If you do meet someone, where could you possibly take them on a date? You wouldn’t take them out if safety were your top priority. Don’t invite them to your home or a rented flat if you have nosy neighbors. If your hotel’s visiting policy is conservative, which is typical of the majority of chains in Dubai, you could be reported. Choose less conservative hotels or ask a friend to use their place.